Duration:½ day

This session begins with a lecture based on module 15 - Understanding Spreadsheet Risks, which lays out the areas of concern in the use of spreadsheets in modelling and analysis in financial functions. This part of the session canvasses some of the server based solutions that can be deployed to enforce policies on spreadsheets within an organisation and identify changes and malfeasance.

The session then moves to a hands-on lecture in which various standardised prepared elements can be simply deployed to assist in documenting and managing the lifecycle of key models and analyses within an organisation. This represents a lower cost simpler implementation, that can be quickly deployed. It includes recommendations around building modelling policies, deploying and policing them.

Finally, the session ends with some hands-on examples of using tools built-into Excel to identify modelling issues. Some of this part of the session relies on audit tools available in Excel 2013 or later.