We provide a competitive fixed-cost service to develop a corporate or divisional template that allows for the standardising of work in workgroups or throughout organisations. This includes the development of a suitable Office theme. Office themes were introduced in Office 2007 and includes the standard colour palette, fonts and graphical attributes which can be utilised across all Office applications, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel, to ensure a high degree of standardisation when content is transferred between applications. Yet a surprisingly large number of organisations have not taken the simple step of creating a theme to be utilised on their staffs' desktops. For a very affordable standard fixed-price service fee, we can develop these items.

The use of a standardised template can assist an organisation or workgroup in producing workbooks that conform to corporate standards and simplify the process of building routine analyses and models. Much time and effort is wasted in formatting commonly used and constructed documents within an organisation, and this generally contributes to model and workbook size bloat, and yet this can be simply solved by developing a standardised template.

Features of our custom developed templates include:

  • a gallery of cell styles that will simplify and standardise formatting of key workbooks, such as models, analyses, reports and dashboards;
  • standardised title worksheet utilising enterprise or brand logos;
  • standardised index and navigation worksheet that uses only Excel formulas (no VBA or macros) to simplify navigation in the workbook;
  • optionally it may include a standardised change log worksheet to assist in managing ongoing modification and development;
  • optionally it may include a standardised check list worksheet, that encourages checking of reports and models;
  • optionally, document-level customisation of the Quick-Access Toolbar can be included to ensure key customer-selected Excel features are easily accessible to enhance usability;
  • documentation of the settings and styles in the workbook; and
  • designed to be end-user maintainable.

We have a standard schedule of fees that cover the development of each template, and also the development of the theme. The process is simple to arrange and requires a copy of suitably formatted logos, a list of the colour values to be utilised to match corporate livery (including a style guide if one has been developed for the organisation), the selected fonts to be used for titling, numbers, labelling and notations. Samples of the type of reports and models can be provided, and we can assist with recommendations of good standards.