We offer a range of Excel modelling development services, to assist client organisations in analysing investment and management proposals. The models are flexible, support advanced sensitivity analysis, cash flow and debt forecasting and are configured so that the client can maintain them into the future. We have built a large number of forecasting, valuation and project models across a range of industries and in the private and public sectors. Before the model build commences, we can assist in developing the scope of works and specification and in identifying appropriate drivers.

Features of our models include:

  • multiple scenarios per model, from a small range of drivers to large tables of multi-year, sub-project drivers;
  • scenario-sensitive capital expenditures to allow different capex programs to be modelled;
  • most models can run all scenarios simultaneously for case comparison;
  • in some cases, some automation in VBA is provided to assist in managing data and views in a model, but all calculations are performed with native Excel formulas and do not rely on VBA code to derive their results;
  • debt modelling with interest being calculated without recourse to circular references;
  • integrated three-way profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow;
  • summary reports and / or dashboards for comparison of scenario outcomes to aid in decision making;
  • development of customised styling to match corporate livery and style guide;
  • full documentation, including structure, rules and step-by-step instructions for routine tasks and procedures;
  • where appropriate, established corporate approaches will be used to make the model as comfortable to use and maintain for staff; and
  • designed to be end-user maintainable, with tables to allow easy ongoing configuration by users.