Celebrating 25 Years

25th anniversary celebration medal picture

On October 9, 2016, we celebrated twenty-five years since the founding of Clarkson ITT. It was established to provide a vehicle for our training and consulting services. Since that time we have worked hard to build a business with a reputation for providing outstanding training for finance professionals, that delivers practical knowledge in a useful framework and that helps them develop in their careers.

Birthday Discounts

The expiry dates for the birthday discount coupons we were offering to celebrate this milestone have now passed. Other discounts are offered via coupon from time to time and they may be found on the Coupons Listing.

A Little History

When originally founded, the business was called Clarkson Business Services. The name was changed in 2007 as part of a refocusing and rebranding. We have had a couple of logos over the years. I still see old business cards bearing these old logos in card files around the traps. We remember them here...

Original Clarkson Business Services Logo from 1991
Original logo 1991
New logo introduced in 2000, being more suitable for icons
Introduced 2000
New logo introduced in 2007, on name change
New logo 2007
New logos introduced in 2009, on courseware redesign
Current logos, introduced in 2009, with courseware and web redesign