Financial Analysis Certificate Master Classes

An extension program for Australia’s premier Excel modelling and analysis course for finance professionals

A series of one and two-day master classes focusing on advanced modelling and analytical tasks. Most of these courses are open to all Excel users. They have been designed as companion master classes and extensions of the core knowledge and skills presented in the Financial Analysis Certificate (FAC). This series delves more deeply into specific subject areas or builds greater expertise in those areas than is suitable in the FAC. It also addresses the desire from many of our past students to provide ongoing training & support in a format that they appreciate.

Whilst unfamiliar aspects of these subjects are taught from the ground up, these master classes assume at least an Advanced level of knowledge and experience and understanding of Excel. If you have not competed the FAC and wish to confirm you have the appropriate standard for entry, please feel free to Make a Training Enquiry.

Currently Available Master Classes

The following master classes are available:

Master Class 1   2 days   Advanced Financial Modelling Master Class, including Sensitivity Techniques & Solver

Master Class 2   2 days   Business Intelligence Tools in Excel Master Class, incuding Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View/3D Maps

Master Class 3   2 days   Charting & Dashboarding Master Class, including powerful charting techniques, simplifying charts, dashboard design and interface controls

Modes of Study

  • In class mode: 16 hours over two days each - now in all capitals.
  • Private offerings also available.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain advanced skills in key subject areas, such as advanced modelling, constructing advanced reports & dashboards;
  • 16 hours of continuing professional education per session for accountants;
  • Develop advanced sensitivities;
  • Develop advanced & dynamic reporting tools;and
  • Learn how to harness Power Query, PowerPivot and Power View / 3D Maps.

Each Master Class Delivers

  • Core knowledge for the specialised subject area;
  • Re-usable examples demonstrating proven methodologies;
  • Guidance on how to handle real-world issues and problems;
  • Advanced techniques to extend the power of formulas without needless complexity.

Who Benefits

  • Those who have previously completed the Financial Analysis Certificate looking to extend their knowledge in particular advanced subjects.
  • Other candidates who have suitable knowledge and experience who wish to avail themselves of these advanced skills.

Benefits for the Employer

  • A reduction in the effort required by staff to expand into key advanced topics;
  • Access to proven and effective strategies for advanced model building & report writing;
  • A development path for key staff involved in creation of models and analyses.

Detailed Course Outline & Other Information

Downloadable course brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

Find a suitable course by reviewing the article Which Course Would Best Suit me?

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