Charting & Dashboarding Master Class

A master class from the Financial Analysis Certificate Master Class series

An extension program for Australia’s premier Excel modelling and analysis course for finance professionals

This two-day master class focuses on advanced charting & dashboarding techniques for developing frequently run and presented reports. Well presented graphical data can significantly aid in understanding data and aid in decision making, so long as it does not mislead and is straight-forward and easy-to-use. It is open to past participants of the Financial Analysis Certificate that are looking for a forum in which to extend and practise the skills gained in their earlier training.

Course Content

Downloadable master class brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

Modes of Study

  • In class mode: 16 hours over two days.
  • Public offerings starting in Sydney in 2016.
  • Private offerings also available.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain advanced skills in key subject areas, such as dynamic charts;
  • Managing data sets to simplify charting & reporting;
  • Table-based charts & the use of slicers and timelines;
  • Alternative techniques for DCF calculations;
  • New chart types;
  • Techniques for reducing the effort to create & maintain charts;
  • New chart types in Excel 2016; and
  • Up to 16 hours of continuing professional education.

Each Master Class Delivers

  • Core knowledge for the specialised subject area;
  • Re-usable examples demonstrating proven methodologies;
  • Guidance on how to avoid real-world issues and problems; and
  • Advanced techniques to extend the power of formulas without needless complexity.

Who Benefits

  • Those who have previously completed the Financial Analysis Certificate looking for support & guidance to extend their knowledge in building robust reports that will significantly reduce effort at key points in the reporting cycle.

Benefits for the Employer

  • A reduction in the effort required by staff to expand into key advanced topics;
  • Access to proven and effective strategies for advanced model building; and
  • A development path for key staff involved in creation of key reports to management & the board.

Detailed Course Outline & Other Information

Downloadable master class brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

Downloadable course brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

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