Financial Analysis VBA Certificate Master Classes

An Extension of Australia’s premier Excel VBA course for finance professionals

A series of one and two-day master classes focusing on key areas of VBA development and automation in Excel. These sessions are open to past participants of the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate or

  • In class mode: 16 hours over two days for master classes 1 to 3;
  • In class mode: 8 hours on one day for master class 4 - Building & Deploying Add-Ins;
  • Public offerings starting in Sydney in 2016.
  • Private offerings also available.
  • Key Outcomes

    • Gain advanced skills in key subject area, such as cross-application development, email automation, advanced interface design;
    • 8 to 16 hours of continuing professional education for accountants; and
    • Gain insights into the development of robust code for routine analytical & reporting tasks.

    Each Session Delivers

    • Core knowledge for the specialised subject area;
    • Sample re-usable code to effectively extend your existing applications;
    • Guidance on how to avoid real-world problems; and
    • Advanced VBA for Excel / Office program techniques.

    Who Benefits

    • Those who have previously completed the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate looking for support and guidance in critical advanced subjects.

    Benefits for the Employer

    • A reduction in the effort required by staff to expand into key advanced topics;
    • Access to robust real-world samples of code for addressing cross-application and advanced programming tasks;
    • Reduction in development times and staff frustration addressing key subject areas; and
    • A development path for key staff involved in automation of business processes.

    Currently Available Modules

    At course implementation, the following master classes which address a number of key areas of advanced development and automation subjects are available:

    • Master Class 1   2 days   Email Integration;
    • Master Class 2   2 days   Working with External Data;
    • Master Class 3   2 days   Ribbon, Context Menus & Handling Events; and
    • Master Class 4   1 day     Building & Deploying Add-ins.

    Detailed Course Outline & Other Information

    Downloadable course brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (93kb).

    Find a suitable course by reviewing the article Which Course Would Best Suit me?

    Find an offering in the Course Calendar.