Building & Deploying Add-ins Master Class

A master class from the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate Master Class series

An Extension of Australia’s premier Excel VBA course for finance professionals

This one-day master class builds on earlier training, especially on the Ribbon, Context Menus & Handling Events Master Class, to demonstrate how to effectively deploy add-ins within an organisation that add custom functions, standard tools and automation.

Course Content

Downloadable master class brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

Modes of Study

  • In class mode: 8 hours on a single day.
  • Public offerings starting in Sydney in 2016.
  • Private offerings also available.

Prerequisite Master Class

  • Master Class 3: Ribbon, Menus and Handling Events is a pre-requisite for attendance at this master class. This is to avoid the duplication of the ribbon and context menu customisation content covered therein.

Key Outcomes

  • Gain advanced skills in key subject areas, such as creating custom functions to extend Excel;
  • Limitations on custom functions;
  • Optimising custom functions;
  • Adding tools to automate and simplify complex tasks;
  • Storage of user and application settings: registry versus add-in workbook;
  • Responding to key Workbook and Worksheet events, key Add-In events;
  • Document level and application level Ribbon customisations;
  • Deployment and installation of your add-in;
  • Up to 8 hours of continuing professional education.

Each Master Class Delivers

  • Core knowledge for the specialised subject area;
  • Re-usable examples demonstrating proven methodologies;
  • Guidance on how to avoid real-world issues and problems; and
  • Advanced techniques to build powerful and robust solutions without needless complexity.

Who Benefits

Those who have previously completed the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate or

  • A reduction in the effort required by staff to expand into key advanced topics;
  • Access to proven and effective strategies for advanced application and code building; and
  • A development path for key staff involved in creation of automated processes within an organisation.
  • Detailed Course Outline & Other Information

    Downloadable master class brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (97kb).

    Downloadable course brochure with detailed course outline in PDF format (93kb).

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