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Financial Analysis Certificate

Australia's premier Excel modelling and analysis course
for financial professionals for 30 years
Public offerings in class and online
In-house in class and online available

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Financial Analysis VBA Certificate

Australia's premier Excel VBA course
for finance professionals for 25 years
Public offerings in class and online
In-house in class and online available

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Power BI Certificate

A deep dive into Power BI in Excel and Power BI Desktop
for finance professionals
 Public offerings in class and online
In-house in class and online available

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Key Topic Lecture Series

A lecture series focused on new and critical subjects
in financial modelling & analysis
Public  offerings of ½-day online lectures throughout the year
In-house in class and online available

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Outstanding training in modelling and analysis for thirty years!

Recently Added / Updated Articles & Lessons
Ready Reference 3.0: VBA Operators & Operator Precedence 

This article describes the operators available in VBA, their order of precedence in calculation and the types of data returned by each operator in an expression.

Ready Reference 3.0: Keyboard Shortcuts 

Following is our standard listing of keyboard shortcut key combinations that excludes any discontinued shortcust and some of the more obscure shortcut alternatives.  That still leave more than 150 entries!

Ready Reference 3.0: Volatile Expressions 

A volatile expression is one that must be recalculated each and every time there is a recalculation event within a workbook. A recalculation event will occur any time someone updates a cell; presses a recalculation shortcut; refreshes a table or query; or executes a macro that triggers recalculation.  The needless use of volatile expressions is one of the things that can make a workbook cumbersome and slow.

Ready Reference 3.0: Functions Whose Arguments Span Sheets 

In a number of our teaching modules, we demonstrate a technique for consolidating totals by using a SUM function to total corresponding cells through a range of worksheets.  That technique allows us to build very powerful solutions that are flexible and robust and easy to manage and maintain.  The SUM function is not the only function that can be used in this way.

Ready Reference 3.0: Keyboard Shortcuts - Comprehensive 

Following is our most comprehensive listing of all the keyboard shortcut key combinations for all versions of Excel.  It includes some alternate combinations that provide legacy support from old versions of Excel, or the support for the old XT Keyboards that lacked F11 and F12 keys. It also includes some now discontinued shortcuts for features removed from more recent versions of Excel.  A reduced set of shortcuts which does not include unnecessary duplicates or discontinued keys can be found here.

Ready Reference 3.0: Excel Operators & Operator Precedence 

This Ready Reference article lists and describes the operators used in Excel worksheet expressions, their order of precedence in calculation and the types of data returned by each operator in an expression.


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ClarksonITT In the run up to our thirtieth anniversary, the first of a set of 30% discounts being offered on the Financial Anal… https://t.co/ZMP9T7h51F
ClarksonITT Simplified course calendar launched. Course schedule to March 2022 published.
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ClarksonITT Final pages in site upgrade are being launched, new look member area, updated and streamlined learning portal.
30thAnniversary Discount Offers

30th anniversary logoOur thirtieth anniversary approaching in October, so we are starting the celebrations now.  To say thanks to all those who have supported us over the years and who have been kind enough to pass on recommendations, over the next four months, we will be offering big discounts on selected courses and subscriptions to our new The Learning Habit  subscription program which is launching in September.  Keep an eye out for these offers.  They will be mentioned on the socials, so make sure you are following to get the early advice!

The first super discount offering is on the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate commencing October 5. Super discount ends Sunday, September 12.

The Learning Habit Subscriptions Launching September 20

The Learning Habit Subscription Program iconOur new subscription product will be launching this month.  It is designed to extend the subscriber's knowledge and to provide access to a load of practical guidance gleaned in over thirty years of training and consulting.  It provides a range of learning experiences and access to online video tutorials, short lessons, technical references and is designed to provide structures as well as peripatetic learning experiences.  It includes instructor-led sessions access to upgraded materials for alumnni, and the opportunity to attend technical hangouts on subjects of interest.  Keep an eye out for the announcements next week.

Website Update Rolling Out

Clarkson ITT logoAnyone visiting our site recently will have noticed a bunch of changes.  There has been a top-to-bottom rework, which will be completed this month, offering improved and streamlined access to materials, support, technical information and the platform for The Learning Habit  subscriptions, about which we are very excited!

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