Residential Mode Courses

The Residential Mode Programs offer the popular Financial Analysis Certificate and Financial Systems (VBA) Certificate courses in a single integrated workshop, designed to allow participants to complete the program in a contracted timeframe with reduced travel costs. There are breaks in the week-long programs to allow sufficient time to assimilate, revise and consider the content, together with one-on-one coaching sessions to aid in the learning experience.  The program design aims to balance the need for a course of this complexity and depth to be spread over more than just the teaching days, but the need to telescope the training to make it practical to attend in a block.

This enables remote or overseas participants to attend in a single session with simplified travel arrangements.  It also allows those who could not normally attend our standard courses usually offered in three or four sessions over a month to attend a single integrated session. It also reduces the impact on religious observance created by many of our weekend offerings.

Some Residential Mode courses are arranged in capitals, without specific accommodation arrangements, but once a year the two courses are offered on the Gold Coast including accommodation packages.

Residential or Day-only Attendance

The Residential Mode Programs will accept enrolments for participants who wish to avail themselves of the accommodation package negotiated (where applicable) or who wish to attend on a day-only basis. Those who wish to make alternative accommodation arrangements, or who are local to the venue will certainly be welcome.  Day-only participants will be included in the other events associated with the programs, such as welcome dinner and they will be included in the formally arranged coaching and tutorial sessions.

Other Course Information

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