Consulting Services

In addition to our training services and public and private courses, Clarkson ITT provides a number of consulting services which assist our clients with the development or overhaul of forecasting and valuation models; financial management and reporting systems; and integration with external data sources.  Each consultant has between ten and thirty years' experience in consulting and building workbooks and programming code. We have experience across a range of development platforms, although these days Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Visual Basic (Visual Studio and .NET) are the current core areas of focus and expertise.

Business Intelligence, Analytical Reporting and Dashboards

We offer a range of Excel analytical workbook development services, including the Business Intelligence tools in appropriate versions of Excel. The analytical tools allow for the ongoing and routine analysis of performance and financial data for distribution to management, boards, clients and suppliers. The derived results can be presented in reports that enable dynamic selection and drill-down, dashboards and charts with the data shareable via online tools or distributed via email.

Application & Add-In Development

Clarkson ITT provides a wide range of development services based around Microsoft Office applications, Visual Basic for Applications and Visual Studio. We can assist with a range of development projects designed to improve the robustness and speed of routine processes. This frees up time that is currently involved in gathering and preparing data so that the freed-up time can be used for analysis and review. Typically the pay-back period on the cost of these projects is measured only in weeks.

Template & Theme Development

We provide a competitive fixed-cost service to develop a corporate or divisional template that allows for the standardising of work in workgroups or throughout organisations. This includes the development of a suitable Office theme. Office themes were introduced in Office 2007 and includes the standard colour palette, fonts and graphical attributes which can be utilised across all Office applications, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel, to ensure a high degree of standardisation when content is transferred between applications. Yet a surprisingly large number of organisations have not taken the simple step of creating a theme to be utilised on their staffs' desktops. For a very affordable standard fixed-price service fee, we can develop these items.


This service is provided to past students of our courses, particularly the Financial Analysis Certificate and the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate, to aid them in developing the skills taught in the courses through assisting them in a real development project for their employer.  Applied to any internal development project this can be an exceptionally good investment in training and ensure a well-designed solution.