The Clarkson ITT Wiki is an online reference library that includes articles and reference lists on technical subjects related to Excel, Power BI and Visual Basic for Applications.  It also includes short How To articles that deal with common tasks and One Minute Fixes which deal with common issues that can be readily resolved with a little technical know-how.

Some elements of the Wiki do require registration, although the registration is free.  The extended parts of the Wiki that form part of The Learning Habit subscriptions will require a paid subscription, but we have tried to be generous with what is freely and publicly available.

Wiki Components

The following sets of articles make up the Wiki.  Extensive use of tags has been made to make finding articles related to each other easier.  Clicking on a tag at the bottom of an article will present a list of the other articles that have that tag.  Articles have been tagged by subject area, Excel functions used, Excel features and knowledge pathways - related articles that contribute to technical and operational knowledge for a particular modelling or analytical task.

Ready Reference

A set of articles that include tables and lists of useful information, including keyboard shortcuts, formatting codes, operator and function lists.

Function Reference

A set of (mostly video) articles that explain the workings of Excel functions, give straight-forward examples and are accompanied with sample workbooks for the reader to work along with the presentation.  Rather than just showing functions in isolation, the Video Knowledgebase typically introduces a set of functions that work in similar ways or are related to each other in how they are used.

One Minute Fixes

A set of short video articles that show how to deal with and fix common problems using Excel features which are powerful, yet simple.

How Tos

A set of longer (mostly video) articles that demonstrate how to carry out common tasks and to work efficiently in Excel.

Power Tips

More advanced (mostly video) articles that show some useful power-user tricks that make model and analysis building more efficient.