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Function Reference iconThis section of the Clarkson ITT Wiki includes articles and videos explaining the syntax of functions and demonstrating their use in a range of examples from simple to advanced.  There are other sources of information on these functions, but some of the terminology and explanations, even those maintained by the Microsoft community, are not correct.

Whilst this body of work is to some degree a replication of the information available elsewhere, the purpose is to provide our students, alumniand subscribers with carefully curated information that assumes a precise terminology as taught in our courses, removing some of the ambiguity in more loosely curated resources.  It is also intended as a source of troubleshooting information to assist in understanding and fixing problems in models and analyses.

Access to some of these articles is restricted to Students, Alumni and Subscribers to The Learning Habit  subscription program.  Articles to which you do not have access unless logged-in are not shown in this list.  You must login to see and access those articles.

Title Modified Date
CELL Function 01 August 2021
FIND, SEARCH, LEN and LENB Functions 10 July 2021
Functions Whose Arguments Accept References Spanning Worksheets (Ready Reference 3.0) 22 April 2022
INFO Function 01 August 2021
T and N Functions 10 July 2021
TODAY and NOW Functions 10 July 2021
Volatile Functions and Expressions (Ready Reference 3.0) 20 April 2022

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