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Ready Reference iconThis section of the Clarkson ITT Wiki includes the content of the Ready References 3 and 4.

Ready Reference 3 was the first online version of a set of technical reference tables originally published as an appendix to our printed materials, then as a separate DL‑sized booklet that was easily transportable, distributed to students and a popular give away at conferences.  The move online made the tables easier to filter and search.  This resource is freely accessible to all visitors.  Revisions are carried-out to improve usability and updated articles are highlighted.

Ready Reference 4 is an enhanced set of content that includes a number of new references, but it is available only to Students, Alumni and Subscribers to The Learning Habit  subscription program.  You must login to access those articles.

Ready Reference 4  - Login required to access this content

Following are the links to the Ready Reference 4 articles that are only available to members.

Value Types In Excel

Value Type Coercion Rules

Excel Error Values

Excel Operators and Precedence

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Custom Number Formatting - Codes and Structure

Custom Number Formatting - Sample Library


Ready Reference 3

Following are the links to the Ready Reference 3 articles that are publicly available.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel Operators and Precedence Summary

Number Formatting - Format Codes

Volatile Functions and Expressions

Functions Whose Arguments Accept References Spanning Worksheets

VBA Operators and Precedence

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