Function Reference: QUOTIENT

Purpose / Description
Returns the quotient of division, after dividing the numerator by denominator.
numeratornumberA constant, reference or nested expression that provides the number whose to be divided by denominator to determine the quotient of division.
denominatornumberA constant, reference or nested expression that provides the divisor by which numerator will be divided..
Return Values
TypeSpecific ValueDescription
number The quotient after dividing numerator by denominator.  With the exception of a 0 numerator, If the signs of numerator and denominator are the same, the result will be positive, if they are different, the result will be negative.
error#VALUE!If either numerator or denominator is not a number and cannot be coerced to a number.
error Any errors referenced by arguments are returned due to propagation of error values.
Notes / Comments / Advice / Warnings
Note:Due to the way floating point numbers are implemented in the processors and Excel, small inaccuracies occur with decimal values
Comment:Does not accept multi-cell references for either argument.  To do an array of calculations, nest an array expression as demonstrated in the sample workbook.
Examples:Open / download sample workbook: QUOTIENT.xlsx